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This page is provided as a convenience reference source for those OCF Fair Family members who wish to know more about the Board of Directors appointed ELDERS COMMITTEE and how to achieve ELDER STATUS.

The OCF Elders Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors in 1999.

Q: What is the purpose of this committee as defined by the Board of Directors?
A: Any Fair participant who has served the Fair as staff, booth member and/or entertainer for at least 20 years and who is over the age of 55 is eligible for Elders Status. Elder Status confers the eligibility to earn or purchase a camping pass to the Oregon Country Fair every year. Elder Status does not exempt anyone from following the Guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the Oregon Country Fair. (It is the committee’s purpose to assist each applicant when they apply for Elders Status.)

Q: How does the committee meet this goal?
A: Verifying new Elders and assisting them as much as we are able. Administering the compassion pass program and developing the Elders camping area. Defining and promoting Elders issues.

The Elders Committee has established the following subcommittees to help with Elder Issues.

1) APPLICATION - Approval Subcommittee: Note: This subcommitte has been operating since the inception date of the Elders Committee.
As of January 2016 there were around 1,000 qualified OCF Elders who have Elder Status.

2) BUDGET Subcommittee: Self explanatory.

3) CAMPING: Among the issues concerning this subcommittee are;
A) Accessing up to 4 transitional teens for labor with 4 full-time trade passes made available by the General Manager.
B) A possible golf cart for transportation from Elders Camp to the Ritz.
C) Possible structure for Elders Camp.
D) Pre-Fair work parties needed to clear Poison Oak at Elders Camp.

4) DESIGN Subcommittee: For help with Still Living Room and other projects.

5) EARNED PASS Subcommittee: [The Earned Pass/JOB Subcommittee coordinates/facilitates Elders who wish to continue to volunteer for the OCF in a different job/capacity. The Committee is collecting examples and will present this information to the BOD at a future date. You may download an application form below.]

6) EVENTS Subcommittee:
This Committee does sponsor some yearly events at each Fair, which include the Meet and Greet, the Bell ringing ceremony to welcome new Elders, and others.

7) MEMORIAL Subcommittee: To remember those passed.

8) NEWSLETTER subcommittee: To keep elders informed.

9) PROGRAMMING Subcommittee: Brainstorming and planning details.

10) TIMELINE subcommittee: A continuing project.

11) WRISTBAND subcommittee: Responsible for data base and registration of Elders for the Fair.


NOTE: Elder Committee Subcommittees set their own date and times for meetings.
The Elders Committee meets monthly [except July] at the Eugene Growers Market, 454 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401. Please see the OCF calendar at the Fair Office or join the WonderfulOCFelders listserve (Links Page).

Questions About Elder Status and FAQs may be Downloaded

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eMail the Elders Committee at: OCFEldersContact@GMail.com

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Elders Committee Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Status Application

2016 Elder Pass Request - (must be an Elder)

OCF Membership Application

ELDER WORDS most recent issue


Most recent Elders Retreat Minutes

PRESENT: Katie Cousins, Alan Cohn, Heather Kent, Robert "Mouseman" McCarthy, Robert Jacobs, Eric Nicholson, Kay Kintzley, Peggy Fitzgerald, Diane Albino, Jain Elliott,
Chris Howe, Anne Marie Hirsch, Jan Royalty, Anna Brown, Bonnie Clarke, Bill Strehl, Sue Strehl, Fran Rosenthal, Sue Barnhart, Lono Burke, Jery Joffe, Steve Barnes, Suzanne Phillips, Jon Silvermoon, Judy Dotino, Larry Lynch, Adm. Steve Cole, Paxton Hoag, Licia Shultz (facilitator) and Dee Wirak (scribe)

Thanks again to Heather and Mouseman who so graciously offered us use of their home and grounds, not only for this retreat but for the spring as well.
SPRING RETREAT-Meeting dates finalized as April 14 and 15, 2018

CAMPING-Peggy reports that she will be training AnneMarie and Larry to become camp hosts with them taking over and her assisting in 2019. They have done a great job mapping the camping area and hope to add 4A. Jennifer from 4A and/or her representative should be invited to our spring retreat. There is concern that the Community Center will displace our campsites without plans for relocation.

GEEZER-Chris will proceed to rent one electric 4 seat golf cart from Action Rental in Eugene for elder use during the 2018 fair; this allows her to inspect the vehicle, insure size, type and dates. The cart is charged midday and overnight. It was suggested that the midday charging time be considered when making drivers' schedules. Publicizing ride times/locations would make this a more reliable resource. Headlights would be helpful. Thanks to Chris for championing this endeavor! Also thanks to Paxton for securing a dedicated charging station. Thanks to the volunteer drivers.
We have been urged to have two Geezers but even this is more than we could manage.
There is need for a fair-wide transportation system that would include the paying public as well.

VOLUNTEERS-AnneMarie has offered to be our contact person for volunteers. Last fair she created a folder and presented at the Meet-n-greet. We have so much going on but there has been no organized easy way for volunteers to plug in. She is hoping to add info to the Letter of intent, develop an interest/skill/application form. Note: Any info must be ready to go with the Letter of Intent mailing by the 3rd week of January, coordinate with Katie.
We brainstormed ways to better involve our diverse community. We should not just recruit from elders, there is a pool of elders-to-be, crews that lack information or have misconceptions about elder status. Many new elders do not know about elders. Wonderfulelders list service is opt in. Contact Alan at ocfelderscontact@gmail.com. Meeting minutes are also posted on the Fairs .net site. Peggy agrees to be our point person for getting regular articles about elders in the FairFamilyNews.
It was suggested that we develop an informational flyer for crews, attend crew meetings or have a liaison speak at pre fair crew meetings. Lono offers to assist. A volunteer "job" fair was suggested. Greeters need to be available to orient and utilize time wisely. Nailing down times we need assistance pre and post fair early on would help in recruitment.

ARCHIVES-Jerry reports that Terry Baxter has been actively assisting in going through materials in storage at the fair office site. He has successfully solicited lots of freebies in addition to applying for grants, however, funds are needed to acquire appropriate scanning and electronic equipment. He will be discussing with management.
There are photographs that elders could review and help to identify people and/or years. It was suggested that they be brought to the WOW Hall December 13 party.
Get your archival materials to Terry to put in the queue for digitalizing. Knowing archival parameters or criteria for scanning material would be helpful. Original materials can be brought to the Eugene Public library, their scanner is free, able to scan up to 11x17 and can send email or store onto thumb drive.

LATE NIGHT TRIPS-The Fair authorized Jerry to do a pilot project last Fair and would like to formalize it for future fairs. They are looking for volunteer, contact Jerry. Last year 44 persons (with the required camping pass) paid the $25 for the weekend to take the party bus back to Valley River Center either Friday 10:30 p.m. & midnight; Saturday 10:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. and Sunday 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. If we could add more trips it would be more convenient, more people pre-registering could bring down the cost. Jerry intends to post an article and more information in the February FairFamilyNews.

5oth Task Force-Ideas that the elders may want to be actively involved with were discussed and voted upon with approval. 1) Theater project: Paxton has identified a location that could serve dual purpose; 2) Timeline of Change: a 50 year overview like our decade timelines focusing on change; 3) Ask an Elder Docents (maybe headquartered at the Still Living Room)and 4) Historical "heritage" markers throughout the site.
Other suggestions: stage presentation, could the circus do, 50 years in 50 minutes, also memorial gardens or shady oasis for photographs and history displays or within the redesigned fair front; how the fair works diorama or time lapsed film and thank yous to the crews.

STILL LIVING ROOM-Review of 2017 fair-many thanks to Eric who lead the set up and take down crew. We secured a ladder which is stored with other SLR items; 2 trucks and trailers are needed (Mouseman, Licia and Chris offer theirs again) Lois Inman was a professional driver last year and would like to continue to assist. We need more shade cloth! Help is always appreciated; volunteers can come to Elder Central at Eldercamp. Three hour shifts to person (in pairs) the booth are available and need to be filled. Last year Terry Baxter, Debby and Ben were great assets and we welcome their ongoing support.
An updated description of the Still Living Room needs to be written for the Peach Pit.
Peggy read our 2007 capitol project submission which was our vision project in creating the Still Living Room. We've achieved a lot of what we set out to accomplish. Mouseman has been working with Path Planning on finding a larger home for the Still Living Room. They have asked that we identify possible locations. We could ask for expansion into the mirror booth or love lounge, Spirit Tower, location in Xavanadu or ultimately Main camp.

MISC-Sponsor fair-wide evaluation/feedback meetings; Co-create a Main Stage Celebration of Life event; Attend Story Slams (Nov 16 at Tsunami; Dec 21)


NOVEMBER 30-Elders Committee meeting 7 p.m. at the Grower's Market.

DECEMBER 13-Winter gathering, potluck, 6-9 p.m. at the WOW Hall.


Download these minutes as a PDF